Passion for Innovation.

DRIVEMATIC – The first all-in-one transmission actuator.

Innovation is the result of passion and excellence. And so is the DRIVEMATIC from OECHSLER. This new, unique pedelec drive is the first three-speed automatic powertrain with integrated RFID and Bluetooth for connecting to smartphones and other devices. The e-bike of the future will be connected – and it’s already arrived, here at OECHSLER. We call it the DRIVEMATIC.

Innovation at its best

DRIVEMATIC unites cutting-edge electronics and build quality with our passion for customer-focused solutions. With its outstanding on-road qualities, excellent connectivity and simple assembly, DRIVEMATIC will keep you ahead of the pack.

Technology for a nicer ride

Three-speed automatic gearbox

Integrated RFID and Bluetooth

Smartphone serves as optional display

Mechanical gearbox integrated in centrally mounted motor unit

Adaptive motor power for optimized boost

Custom modifications upon request

Sealed system without external cables and sensors

Simple assembly

Low maintenance

Pioneering electronics

In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, one of the highlights of the DRIVEMATIC is its open protocol. The protocol provides wireless connectivity and access control for service functions. Information on battery level, pedaling and speed is consequently easy to access. That also makes possible the development of custom apps for navigation, trip planning and more.

A basic app will be included with DRIVEMATIC. It will display information such as speed, distance, trip duration, range, and boost level.

Ahead of its time

Electronic interfaces

  • Just two wires required to connect battery
  • Bluetooth/Wireless smartphone interface
  • USB charging ready
  • 6 V lighting ready


  • Torque sensor
  • Battery monitoring
  • Self-monitoring with diagnostics
  • Pedaling analysis
  • Braking detection
  • Inclination sensor


  • Tamper-proof (no speed sensor)
  • Boost works without buttons
  • Electronic serial number
  • Phone app with automatic motor lock
  • BLE interface for brake light and emergency beacon

Outstanding mechanical components

DRIVEMATIC and its fully automatic three-speed hub provides a thoroughly enjoyable riding experience. Because whether you’re in the hills or on the flats, you’re always in the right gear. The intelligent shifting logic ensures a smooth and easy ride by automatically adapting the rider’s pedaling speed to the slope of the ground, ensuring a comfortable cadence regardless of slope. To ensure it provides just the right assistance, DRIVEMATIC also incorporates torque sensor pedal assist.

High-quality components make for an exceptionally tough and durable drive unit. Riders can shift while pedaling with normal force and ride at high loads for extended periods of time. DRIVEMATIC requires no cabling for shifters, sensors, or a display, keeping assembly costs low.

Broad drivetrain compatibility

DRIVEMATIC is suitable for both chain and belt drive bicycles. That makes this pedelec drive flexible and ready for whatever the future may hold.


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